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April 05 2017


A Look at What Open-Source Means When it Comes to the Success and Growth of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform. But, what does this mean? What does this confirm for the client and why is it scaring some people away? The open-source status has been used as an argument for why WordPress isn't good, but just as many argue the opposite. It seems time is rewarding WordPress favorable because it is open, free, and able to be altered by the users.

Open-source means that anyone (yes, anyone) can gain access to the infrastructure of WordPress. Flagstone Search Marketing finds this to be a massive benefit. What this means in technical terms doesn’t exactly matter for the scope of this article, but it basically means they get the code that creates the CMS or foundation of WordPress. With this, users can make WordPress do just about anything they want that can be coded.

Open-source can be wonderful in the right hands. Users can do anything. The program is only limited by how many people want to do something with it. Thankfully, WordPress has a huge community to support it. The link following at flagstonesearchmarketing.com/services/search-engine-optimization covers SEO in WordPress and how even that can be user-developed.


What is Made in Open-Source?

What makes WordPress special? Well, users can download various themes that can make their website look amazing. They can also download custom plug-ins that do social media, author links, blogrolls, and all sorts of other things. Where do these come from? They come from users. They come from people that make them- free of charge- because they want to contribute to the infrastructure of WordPress. Some of these themes and plug-ins need to be paid for, but that money goes to the developers who made it. It is supporting their hard work directly. Not only can clients make their site better through user-created content, but users who make it can potentially make a living doing so. The link at flagstonesearchmarketing.com/services/custom-wordpress-websites covers more about custom themes.

This is largely considered a blessing for custom wordpress website design services and clients. No one will know the system better than those that use it and contribute to making it, or at least that is the idea. Open-source is powerful. It places the power in the hands of the people. It is also a risky endeavor. If the platform was no good to begin with, few people would have the motivation to make it better. But, the infrastructure of WordPress is acclaimed. Now, it is up to the users to make it thrive- and they are doing a brilliant job.

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